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Visual of Horace's Documents

Voyant cirrus word cloud

Text-mined visual powered by Voyant

This word cloud depicts the most common and most frequently used words in Blenheim House’s primary source documents about Horace. You will see these documents throughout the exhibit. The bigger the word, the more often it was used. This gives us an unique look at Horace’s story.

Several of these words are related to Horace’s wife Maria’s pension applications after his death, as those forms constituted the majority of the documents. 

Interestingly, 140, one of the units he briefly belonged to, appears in the list of most commonly used words, while 44, the unit he belonged to for the longest, does not. “N.y,” “marriage,” “Maria,” “1884,” “July,” and “minn” appear often, which makes sense. He was from New York, married to Maria, died in 1884, was wounded in the month of July, and moved to Minnesota after the war.