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Horace Rice's Characteristics

How did Horace compare to other Civil War soldiers? If you can recall, Horace Rice was a 20-year-old male when he enlisted. He had light-colored hair, blue eyes and he was 5'10" tall. In the following three graphs, we compare Horace's characteristics to those of other Civil War soldiers.

Soldiers' Ages Graph

This chart shows the amount of soldiers at each age when enlisting. Horace was 20.

Soldier Eye Color Graph

This chart showed the majorities and minorites when it came to the eye color of enlisting Civil War Soldiers. Horace had blue eyes.

Soldier Hair Color Graph

This chart shows the majorities and minorities when it comes to the hair color of enlisting Civil War soldiers. Horace had light colored hair.

You can see that Horace mostly average. His age and eye color were consistent with those of most soldiers. He was less than average in terms of hair color: less than 1/4 of soldiers from New York had light hair.